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Launching soon…! 

The book ‘White Male’ by Kim J. West is set for launch!

Send me a message on the contact page to receive an email when I secure a launch date.  In the meantime, here is the final cover:


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Back Cover

Lena Williams has left Los Angeles, hoping for a new start in Atlanta, Georgia.  When she begins a new job, she meets her boss Jonathan Carter, the heir to the Strauss Carter fortune.  Jonathan is determined to make Lena’s life miserable.  Will she be able to overcome her hatred for him when she finds out how he really feels?

When Jonathan realizes that Lena is becoming more than just an employee to him, how far will he go to resolve the differences between them?

Their roller coaster relationship proves there is a thin line between love and hate.


You can download the first two chapters direct to your Kindle library.  Read or download the first two chapters HERE. Or click on the link is below: